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Production Services

Based in the heart of Jakarta, the main focus of our production service is to provide you with a solid team who can support the development of exceptional quality productions, catered to meet Clients requirements. We believe that our budget is competitive and that we provide valuable insight to deliver excellent result to your utmost satisfaction.

Our services encompass a full-fledged team of producers, directors, sound and equipment all the way to art, props, set and location sourcing based on the Clients needs.

Coming into our 13th year, iMediaworks has produced some of the most breakthrough shows that ever graced your television screen which includes “Let’s Colour TV” by Dulux, “Spice of Life,” “Dare to Cook with Bara” to name a few.

Our production service team have been instrumental in supporting Asian Food Channel (AFC) with their latest production which includes shows like “Simply Special” (with Sarah Benjamin), “Kitchen Quickies” (with Debbie Wong), “Home Cooked: Malaysia” (with Ili Sulaiman), Home Cooked: Thailand” (with Bell Pimtip) and “Home Cooked: Vietnam” (with Helen Le).

For Life Inspired or LiTV, we have supported their production for their show titled “The Link,” featuring food, home, wellness, travel and style. This includes episodes like Alila Villas Uluwatu, Carlo Pessina, Johnny Ramli, Niluh Djelantik, Sabbatha, Sardine Restaurant and Sarong Restaurant that can be viewed on YouTube.

For queries on production services please contact our resident producer, Nina Desilina