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About the Company

Composed of marketing and media profesionals - experienced people who have been in the industry for many years, iMediaworks provides you suitable communications channels to exposed your brand and bring your brand's message closer to the consumers.

Our expertise and experience will support your brand strategy leave the ground through various range of appropriate selection of communication channels, either that be tv programs, live concert, wide screen movies, or even inveting new approaches.

with a strong ability in appreciating value and hypes of various channels we will ensure that you will not be left in blind luck when it comes to a selection of communication channel, a significant stage for companies and their brands, and intergrating them with a comprehensive, beyond advertising solution that are measurable and deliver tangible ROI. Our protifolio of ideas and properties are always exclusive, and in most cases have been proven to help companies reach their objectives.

Our Team

Atun S. Purbo

Founder and CEO


Nina Desilina

Head of Creative
and Senior Producer


Sondang Puspita Butar Butar

Account Manager


Amsilina Kurnia

Account Executive